angelina_savaChoosing the right photographer in our case was easy, the impeccable quality of Stefan’s portfolio left us with no doubts.
The results completely matched our expectations, but apart from the great pictures, what sets him apart it’s the attitude. On the morning of my wedding day,
I was very tired after the long organization process and almost sleepless days before the big day. I met Stefan at the make-up artist studio,
I was already sitting at the chair with my hair done and some make-up on. After several photos, some jokes and a coffee,
I felt much more confident I look nice and the day is going as we planned it. I think it is very important to like the person who will be photographing your wedding, because this person will be with you all the day and you must feel comfortable with it, as we were with Stefan. Somewhat due to this, the pictures were absolutely gorgeous and we all are very natural, never feeling shy or nervous in front of the camera, all the attitude, the atmosphere and the love is kept in the photos and we so much like each one of them. Angelina & Sava


“Our favourite photographer Stefan captured our most wonderful memories through his photos.
He made us laugh and cry at the same time while we were going through our wedding and engagement pictures.
He is a magician with a camera in his hand, he could put a spell on everyone by making them feel not only calm and confident, but also special.
Each one of his sessions is unique and has its own individuality and charm.
We love him and his work!”
“Stealing time is a skill only magicians have…
Or good photographers by grasping the perfect moment before it is gone.
We were lucky enough to find such a restless story teller in the face of Stefan. Now everybody says how beautiful our wedding pictures are. He is very easy to work with, professional and he puts his soul in his work – that is obvious in his shots. 
We would highly recommend him to everyone searching for a perfect photographer.”
“We could not recommend Stefan highly enough!
He produced the most beautiful pictures and managed to capture the essence of the day in a way we could not have imagined.
We found no need for a videographer as Stefan’s photos told the story of the day 
just perfectly and each time we look at our photos – we spot somebody’s expression or a clever detail that we missed the first time around.
When choosing a photographer, you spend a lot of time looking at other people’s wedding photos and hope that yours will turn out just as well.
Nothing compares to looking at your own and, with Stefan, they will turn out even better!”
“When I got involved with the organization of the wedding, the first thing I thought was who would be the photographer.
The pictures are what remains as a memory for life, and how impressive they are depends on the photographer. I chose it to be Stefan Stefanov and are infinitely grateful for his wonderful photos.
It is not just a photographer, he is an artist who knows how to capture the beauty and simplicity of every moment.
He is capable of turning every detail in to amazing photograph. Last but not least I want to say to all future newlyweds that Stefan  will show personal attention to your personal wishes and expectations.
And we wish him to continue in this spirit to make people happy with his work.”
“I liked the photos and ideas of Stefan a few years before I received a marriage proposal.
Secretly hoped to have this magical day and to let him catch the strongest moments of our wedding.
The day came and I prayed that he will accept to be our photographer.
He managed to capture the smiles and tears in our eyes, and our loved ones.
His every session is different and brings the spirit of the couple. Thanks to Stefan for the unforgettable moments that he caught for us!
We wish you much success and future creative inspiration!”
“Stefan, thank you wholeheartedly for the wonderful photographs, which we and our friends and family do not stop to enjoy.
You are a true professional who see things through our eyes.
Our wedding was filled with smiles, emotions, rain, sun, color, music and dance that we have now sealed for life.
Every time you look at the pictures imperceptibly move to a wedding day.
Even people who were not with us, then, are able to feel the emotions and the atmosphere and feel like they were there.
If you are lucky enough to have Stefan photograph your wedding,
you’ll find that he loves and understands his work and with his unobtrusive presence creates a story in images that stays with you forever!”
When a woman says “Yes”, one of the first things that she starts to investigate and wants to be perfect for ” I DO” is the photographer.
Of course I wasn’t an exception and when I saw pictures of Stefan I was speachless.
So real, so beautiful with so many captured small moments, which make the big thing.
When I met him, he told me that he will try to be invisible on the wedding in order the focus to be on us.
And so it was – all the time he was there to capture the best moments of the day.
Thank you so much for the pleasure to be our photographer and I don’t know how, but you took the best part of us.
And I said ” I do” and we had the wedding photos, that we dreamed of.